SMWS Flavour Behaviour – My Drams

Earlier this week, I shared my thoughts on the Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s foray into the world of science – Flavour Behaviour.   It was a fun event, but more importantly, how did the whiskies taste?  Well, scroll down to find out more:

Juicy, oak & vanilla
48.69: Folly from France (62.1% ABV)
According to my Flavour Behaviour test, I’m ideally suited to whiskies which are juicy and full of oak and vanilla flavours.  Matured using a first-fill ex-bourbon barrels, the vanilla on this one was obvious right from the off, along with a hint of coconut.  There was a good dose of lemon sweetness dropped in there too.  On the palate, woody flavours began to emerge, and the addition of some water added a much needed freshness to the dram.  If I was to taste it completely blind though, I’d say that dram was on the cusp of becoming a bourbon.

Sweet, fruity & mellow
39.128: Back to primary school (60.3% ABV)
The next two drams were on either side of where my flavour profile landed, so should also have been quite close to my ideal dram.  This one was much lighter than the previous one, despite also using a first fill ex-bourbon barrel.  Lots of sweetness in this one too, including Drumstick lollies and pink wafers, but the sweetness is much gentler and complements the light floral flavours.  After adding water, this sweet zing was slightly lost, although the vanilla still came through.

Deep, rich and dried fruits
37.78: Perfumed elegance (48.2%)
Final dram and (don’t tell the others) probably my favourite.  Unlike the other two, this wasn’t cask strength, so could be analysed/enjoyed right from the off.  The first thing that struck me was the extremely dark colour of the dram, which produced an expectedly leather-y strength of flavour on the nose.  However, it was also VERY fruity, with a good mix between soft and dried fruits, coupled with a light sprinkling of icing sugar.

The Verdict
Although Flavour Behaviour identified me as a “juicy, oak & vanilla” kind of guy, my palate feels much closer to “deep, rich and dried fruits”.  Whatever my ultimate palate preference, these are still three cracking whiskies from the Society’s August outturn, which should be enjoyed before the summer bids farewell and autumn drifts into view.