Benromach Organic & Benromach Peat Smoke

Benromach is a distillery which continues to impress me over and over again, with its willingness to experiment, innovate and push the boundaries of Scotch whisky.  I’ve previously written about the Benromach 10 & 15 year olds, along with last year’s limited edition 35 year old, so here’s my thoughts on two of the distillery’s other impressive bottlings – Benromach Organic and Benromach Peat Smoke.

Benromach Organic
The Benromach Organic was a world-first when it was first launched in 2006.  True to its name, the whisky has been certified by the UK Soil Association, which involved the distillery meeting rigorous standards at every stage of production.  The nose is delightfully sweet and malty, almost like a barley sugar, with hints of vanilla, toffee and sweet pineapple.  Those exotic and tropical fruit flavours continue to come through on the palate, mixing with more robust dark chocolate and coffee flavours.  Some of the signature Benromach spice also comes through here, along with woody notes from the oak.  The finish is robust and lingering.

Benromach Peat Smoke
Distilled in 2006 and bottled in very small batches in 2016, this Benromach is made from barley peated to an impressive 67 ppm – a similar level as some of the distilleries on Islay.  The smoke is there from the off but it’s not too overpowering – more deep and mellow, than smack you in the face.  The sweet vanilla and honey combine with stone fruits and citrus to welcome you into the dram.  The palate is completely different, with the smoke dominating and oak coming to the fore.  There’s still some citrus there bit it’s joined by more autumnal fruits, including slow cooked apple and pear, with a trace of cocoa to round off.  The finish, as you might expect with the level of peat, is warm, long and smoky.

The Verdict
Another two great drams from Benromach, but as regular readers of this blog might have already guessed, the Benromach Organic was my favourite of the two.  Best of all, both of those whiskies come in at under £40 – a cracking price point for two great drams!

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