Brewhemia, Edinburgh

Across Edinburgh city centre, the pub scene these days is absolutely dominated by Wetherspoons. I totally get the model of offering up well-priced food and drink in comfortable – and, should we say, often lively – surroundings. But the five which are currently within striking distance of each other has really squeezed out any individuality in the market. However, an alternative now exists in the form of Brewhemia.

The Location
Brewhemia arrived in the space that used to house City night club – just opposite Waverley Station’s Market Street entrance – during the Fringe. As a former night club, there’s MASSES of space to fill. And fill it they have, with a Beer Palace, Taproom, Bothy, Prosecco Bar and Boudoir, with a café also operating during the day. Dividing the space up gives each an intimate feel, whilst the overall size means it’s normally quite easy to grab a seat.

As the name suggests, there’s a Germanic theme running through the whole bar, with long, shared benches, some German-inspired dishes (Schnitzel) and a whole host of beers on tap. Thankfully, they’ve avoided any naff Lederhosen.

The Food
We popped in one night after the rugby at Murrayfield, with the warm bar providing a safe haven from the biting winds outside. After a few pints of the rugby, the Brewhemia beef meatballs with saffron rice, sofrito and chorizo sauce went down a treat. The mac and cheese which I ordered as a side (yes, go on and judge me) was the best I’d ever had and was the perfect size for a side portion.

The Drinks
The substantial drinks list had something for everyone, from classic cocktails and Brewhemia exclusives, to artisan schnapps and tanked beer. Despite the range on offer, I decided to play iy safe/boring with one of of my favourite beers, Stewarts Radical Road.

The Verdict
Good food, good surroundings and something for everyone – willkommen Brehemia!

You can find out more about Brewhemia over on its website.