About me

Hi, I’m Craig, and welcome to The Finest Cut

The Perfect Cut

The Q&A session below – which I conducted with myself – should hopefully answer any questions you might have about me or my blog.

Your name?

Public Relations Consultant, based in Edinburgh

Specialist subject?
Whisky and booze generally

What makes you such an expert ?
I’ve been involved in the whisky industry since 2007, when I started working as a seasonal tour guide at Oban Distillery. I spent the next five summers learning about ‘The Water of Life’ and continue to write about whisky in my day job.

I also write a whisky column for new(ish) men’s consumer magazine, Calibre Quarterly, along with anyone else who will take my ramblings.

So what’s the blog for?
This blog is intended as an outlet for everything which won’t fit into my Calibre columns, from new releases and interviews, to events and the odd rant. And it won’t always be 100% whisky focused, which brings me to…

Where does the name come from?
The name for the blog comes from the distilling process, during which the alcohol is split into three separate parts – the foreshots, the spirit and the feints. The spirit, the middle part of the distillation, is the alcohol that will eventually become whisky and is often referred to as the finest cut. And The Finest Cut will follow largely the same pattern – mainly whisky focussed, with a few other things on the fringes, from articles about other spirits and beers, to a look at the food and drink scene in my home town of Edinburgh.

I want to know more – how can I get in touch?
Just jump over to the ‘Contact’ page and there are details there on how to get in touch with me.