The One Whisky

My first Whisky of the Week for 2015 takes us south of the border to Cumbria and The Lakes Distillery.  The distillery is the first to be built in the Lake District for more than a century and is part of the current whisky resurgence in England, which has seen a number of distilleries pop-up over the past decade, with a few more in the pipeline.  The Lakes Distillery is in good hands though, as it is the brainchild of former Isle of Arran Distillers co-founder Paul Currie and former Dewars master distiller, Chris Anderson.


Claiming to be the biggest distillery in England, it aims to eventually produce whisky, gin and vodka.  As it has only just opened, the distillery hasn’t yet had the chance to launch its own whisky and we’ll have to wait three years at the very least for this to happen.  In the meantime though, rather than just relying on its gin (more of which next week) and vodka, the distillery has produced what claims to be the very first British Isles blend – The One.


The One has been created by bringing together the best whiskies from across the British Isles, although no break-down is given as to the origins of each whisky used, which might have been a nice touch.  I’ll admit that having had some bad experiences with cheaper blends in the past, I was slightly apprehensive about tasting The One.  I couldn’t have been more wrong though!


The whisky is beautifully light, without any of the harshness you would normally expect from a blend at the lower end of the price range.  On the palate, it’s both sweet and creamy, with spicy notes and just a slight hint of smoke.  The finish is quick and clean, making it an easy whisky to sip on all night; something which I did a couple of times over the festive period.


All in all, The One is a great quality blend for under £30.  And if this is what the team in Cumbria can do with other people’s whisky, then their own whisky will be something to get truly excited about.