Rampur Single Malt Indian Whisky

I’m just back from an amazing two-week holiday in one of the most beautiful countries on Earth – India. It was a truly unique experience and I’ll be returning soon, as there’s plenty of country to explore!  Thankfully, my holiday continued when I returned home to Edinburgh, when I discovered a sample of Rampur Single Malt Indian Whisky in the post.

There have been a small number of Indian whiskies available in the UK in recent years. Interesting, due to the heat in the country, Indian whisky matures much faster in the casks than those from colder climes, including Scotland. This means that a whisky can be ready to go to market in as little as three years.  So how will the new boy fair in the UK market?

The Whisky
Rampur Single Malt is produced in India’s oldest distillery, in the foothills of the Himalayas. Dating back to 1943 (a baby by Scottish standards), the whisky follows the same sort of processes as laid down by Scottish distilleries – distilled in a traditional copper pot still, the eventual whisky in non-chill filtered and is bottled at 43% ABV.

The Taste
The nose on this one is very fruity; mainly stone fruits including peaches and apricots. There’s a touch of toffee sweetness, along with floral notes if you dig right down. The palate is very sweet and creamy, with the fruit still coming right through. It’s got quite a dry finish, which reminds me more of a white wine than a Scotch whisky.

The Verdict
Great flavours which are reflective of the whisky’s home country make this a great addition to the shelves of any whisky retailer, although the dry finish is a touch jarring and means I could only imagine having one dram of Rampur Single Malt at once.

Rampur Single Malt Indian Whisky is available in the UK from The Whisky Exchange, with an RRP of £41.95.