Glenmorangie Lasanta 12 Year Old

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a lot of different whiskies throughout 2015 but the revelation for me has been Glenmorangie.  For a long time, I (wrongly) looked down on Glenmorangie as a supermarket whisky which people bought to fulfil that the “What will I get my dad / uncle / partner for his Christmas / birthday” role.

However, my eyes have been opened to the quality and variety of the distillery’s output over the past twelve months, thanks to the Glenmoragnie Dornach, Signet and Duthac – three superb drams which I urge you to seek out.  And finally, my Glenmorangie journey has arrived at the 12 Year Old Lasanta.

The Lasanta has spent the first ten years of its life maturing in American white oak ex-bourbon casks, before being double-matured for a further two years in Oloroso and PX Sherry casks from Spain.  It sits alongside the Quinta Ruban and Nectar D’or, which are double matured in port and Sauternes casks respectively.  As a sherried whisky, the Lasanta is entering a crowded market, which comprises some top-class whiskies, including The Balvenie, Glenfarclas, Aberlour and Mortlach.  Thankfully though, the Dr Bill Lumsden has hit the spot again with another fantastic malt!

‘Lasanata’ derives from the Gaelic for warmth and passion, which harks back to the whisky’s Spanish heritage, as well as how it’ll make you feel on a dark and stormy Scottish night.  The aroma is, as you might expect, very sweet and creamy, alongside a dryness of mixed spices.  The mouth-feel is reminiscent of the other Speyside drams mentioned above – thick, creamy and chewy.  The sweet, fruit and spicy flavours are still there, with a rich layer of butteryness added.  It ends with a satisfyingly long finish, which is warm and spicy.

Overall, the Highland Glenmorangie Lasanta is running the sherried Speyside boys for their money and long may it continue.