Glenfiddich IPA

The new Glenfiddich IPA is the first of two releases from the distillery’s new Experimental Series. Rather than playing it safe, the 130 year old distiller has instead opted for quiet innovation with this new, distinctive range.

The aim of the Experimental Series is to combine the brand’s passion for Scotch whisky with its boundary pushing approach. This has seen it collaborate with trailblazers from the drinks industry and beyond, with the hope of inspiring unusual and unexpected expressions.

The Whisky
As the name might suggest, the Glenfiddich IPA has seen distillery collaborate with the local Speyside Craft Brewery to infuse its whisky with the citrus and tang you would expect from an Indian Pale Ale. Master Blender Brain Kinsman worked with the brewery and its head brewer, Seb Jones, to create a brand new beer which would work well with the whisky.

This intensive process saw lots of experimentation, with the casks used to mature beers of different strength and with varying level of hops.  After this rigorous process, the whisky was ready to be put into the beer soaked casks, with further experimentation taking place until the perfect balance of flavour was found.

The Taste
If you are looking for a whisky that tastes like a beer, then move along.  Instead, think of this as a whisky which would sit nicely alongside an IPA. The nose is unmistakably a Glenfiddich, although the fruit and sweetness has been ramped up, along with an aromatic burst of hops.   The palate is vibrant and zesty, coupled with sweet vanilla and toffee.

The Verdict
Although the Glenfiddich IPA might not revolutionise the whisky industry, it’s great to see one of the whisky masters willing to experiment in such a way and I look forward to seeing what else emerges from the series.

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