World Whisky Day 2017

World Whisky Day takes place this Saturday and, to mark the occasion, I planned on sharing with you my thoughts on a whole range of world whiskies which are currently sitting on my shelves. However, due to the volume of whisky I’ve currently got open, I’m imposed a self-imposed moratorium on myself which prevents me from opening anything new.

However, I wouldn’t leave you hanging on World Whisky Day. Below, you’ll find the best world whiskies I’ve tasted since I started the blog, which includes established producers such as Ireland and America, to new boys on the block, such as Australia and India.

Sullivan’s Cove
Named in 2014 as one of the best whiskies in the world, the distillery had to halt exports of meet demand in its home market.

The One
The One comes from one of England’s newest distilleries and is created by blending whiskies from the four countries of the UK.

Balcones Whisky
I discovered Balcones range during a Tweet Tasting and was blown away by the variety of spirits they’ve produced, whilst maintain a high quality spirit.

Wales’ best known whisky provides something for every whisky lover.

Tullamore DEW
Hopping over to Ireland, one of the Emerald Isle’s best known brands has been playing around with some new finishes.

Another whisky from our Antipodean cousins.

New to the UK whisky market, Rampur demonstrates the strides the Indian whisky industry has made towards improving the quality of its offering…

Paul John
…and the same can be said of their Goan cousins, Paul John.

King’s County
And finally, a range of whiskies hailing from Brooklyn’s oldest distillery.

Remember, you can hold your own World Whisky Day event by gathering your nearest and dearest, grabbing a bottle, and toasting Scotland’s most famous export.

More information about World Whisky Day can be found on the event’s website.