Tipple Box Cocktails

Cocktails have experienced a resurgence over the past few years, but they are difficult to recreate at home, as most recipes involve a whole host of strange and obscure ingredients, which can be both difficult and expensive to lay your hands on.  Tipple Box, the brainchild of Edinburgh-based entrepreneur Sonny Charles, takes the hassle out of this though, with a home delivery service bringing enough ingredients to make eight delicious cocktails right to your door.

What sets Tipple Box cocktails apart is its commitment to working with small-scale, bespoke distilleries.  The Tipple Box which I sampled contained both vodka and gin from Chase Distillery – a family owned, single estate distillery, which fills and seals each bottle by hand.  This was accompanied by elderflower tonic and Sicilian Lemonade from Fever Tree, as well as jam and marmalade from Tiptree, which acted as an alternative to sugar syrup.  Everything was presented in a beautifully designed box, which would be great to give as a gift – either to a loved one or yourself!

And making the cocktails couldn’t be simpler.  Take the jam jar provided, bring together the three ingredients, add ice, shake and serve – it couldn’t be simpler than that.  And although my presentation wasn’t quite up to scratch, the cocktails themselves were fantastic.  Despite being a gin fan, I actually preferred the vodka based cocktail – Lady Marmalade.  The combination of Chase Marmalade vodka, Fever Tree lemonade and real marmalade created a refreshing, sweet cocktail, with a citrusy zing.  The gin based Strawberry Tipple was also great, by lacked the sharp punch its companion.

Tipple Box Cocktails are available either as a one-off gift or on a monthly basis, with prices starting from £21 per month.  Sonny has some exciting plans for the future, including a link-up with Rock Rose Gin, so ditch the Graze Box and go stir crazy for Tipple Box.